White Lotus Pet Spa

Our Clients

My dog is always beautifully groomed and well cared for. My experiences with all levels of services have been very positive. Patrick and his staff are caring and passionate about the animals under their care.
— Susan

What We Do

White Lotus offers Full Grooming Services, Daycare Services, Over-Night Boarding, Walk-in Nail Trimmings and much more! Our spacious and modern facility provides all the amenities to allow your pet to feel comfortable and leave looking their best!

Style & Quality

At White Lotus, we only use top show-quality shampoos and conditioners for all of our clients. Whether it is to achieve a specific scent you are after or your pet has sensitive skin, we have just the product to meet their needs. 

If there is a specific cut or style you are looking for we are more than happy to make your dreams come true. From extravagant show cuts for Poodles to the latest trends, our talented groomers can create whatever style you desire. Feel free to bring in or email us a photo of the exact cut you are looking for.

Your Pet in Mind 

Generally our appointments take 2-3 hours and we always call 30 minutes prior to when your pet is ready to be picked up. This time window is not for our efficiencies sake, but for the comfort of your pet. Some animals are more nervous or anxious than others, and at White Lotus that is at the forefront of our service protocol. We always give your pet the appropriate amount of time they need to feel comfortable, while also keeping the quoted appointment time in mind.

The traditional approach to Cat grooming has been to use sedation as a form of intervention for cats who are often times less than cooperative. At White Lotus we do not believe in the use of sedation as it can induce many health risks. Instead, our cat appointments always have a groomer and a hander scheduled to your pet to make the process safe and effective for everyone.



 Daycare and boarding services provided by White Lotus Canine Social Club Ltd.