White Lotus Pet Spa


Canine Social Club

At White Lotus Pet Spa we provide you peace of mind in knowing your pet is getting the attention and exercise they need. 

Our spacious daycare facility is under constant supervision with no more than 10 pets per every staff member. The dogs can engage with one another while playing and going for walks. We strive, to comfortable introduce your pet to an environment that promotes socialization and activity.

For One Dog

Society hour $ 10

Half day (5.5 hours or less) $25

One full day of daycare $35

Half days packages

5 half days $90

10 half days $160

Full day packages

5 days $125

10 days $225

Monthly packages are available, for two or more dogs please contact for more information and special packages. All prices do not include taxes.

Call us to schedule a Meet & Greet prior to booking any Daycare Services.